Build a Lure Powder Paint (Candy Coats)

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Build a Lure Powder Paint (Candy Coats)

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Build a Lure Powder Paint (Candy Coats)

Build a Lure Powder Paint

Our premium range of Powder Paints are ideal for the hobbyist lure maker up to a fully fledged lure manufacturer. With no odour, solvents, mixing and literally very little drying time, it makes it an absolute pleasure to work with. To top it off you get a high-gloss incredibly durable finish in mere minutes. No primer needed and takes mere minutes from start to finish.

A single 60g container of Build a Lure powder paint can cover a multitude of lures. That means a mere cost of around 10cents per lure, making it extremely affordable.

Available in 60g jars. Manufacturer enquires welcome for purchase in bulk.


  • High Gloss
  • No Primer Required
  • Little Drying Time
  • Non Flammable
  • Environmentally safe

Surface Preparation & Painting:

The lure surface must be dry, free of rust and scale or any trace of grease, dust, oil, or parting compounds.

Simply heat the lure for 4-10s and then swish the lure through the powder paint. You will need to experiment with the lure heating as you want the lure to be hot enough to melt the paint onto the lure, but not smoke excessively. With everything in life practice makes perfect, and soon you will be creating cost effective master pieces. For best results make use of the Build a Lure Fluid Beds as they provide a more lean and even coverage.

Baking Instructions:

To completely cure the powder paint the lure needs to go through a baking process, this is what bonds the powder to the surface and creates that high-gloss and durable finish. Be sure to take into consideration the heat tolerance of your products before proceeding.

You can bake your products by making use of one of the following two methods:

  • 180 Degrees Celsius (350 Degrees Fahrenheit) for between 5-7 Minutes
  • 165 Degrees Celsius (330 Degrees Fahrenheit) for 15 Minutes

The longer the baking time the better the cure.


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Build a Lure Powder Paint (Candy Coats)

Build a Lure Powder Paint (Candy Coats)

Build a Lure Powder Paint (Candy Coats)

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