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Ardent Reel Care 1-2-3 Pack

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Ardent Reel Care 1-2-3 Pack

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Ardent Reel Care 1-2-3 Pack1 Kleen. 2 Lubricate. 3 Condition.

The Ardent 3-Step Care Pack includes Ardent Reel Kleen Cleaner, Ardent Reel Butter Oil, Ardent Reel Butter Grease, and Ardent Line Butter Line Conditioner. It has all of the products you need to keep your reels clean, running smooth and performing at their peak capabilities - all in one convenient package.

Ardent Reel Kleen Cleaner is a chemically engineered solvent specifically developed for regular cleaning of fishing reels. It dissolves old grease and dirt for easy cleaning and will not damage internal parts like some cleaners can. The specialty formula ensures that it dries clean - leaving only a protective barrier. And thanks to special corrosion inhibitors, you can count on Reel Kleen Cleaner to provide complete protection of internal components after a thorough cleaning.

Ardent Reel Butter Oil and Ardent Reel Butter Grease are high-performance synthetic products developed by Ardent specifically for fishing reel components. Ardent Reel Butter Oil and Ardent Reel Butter Grease are both 100% Full Synthetic products with specially engineered additives to provide superior, long-lasting lubrication for any model fishing reel. Applying Reel Butter to your favorite reel on a regular basis will ensure a smoother, quieter, and higher performance experience.

Ardent Line Butter Conditioner is the next generation in line management and protection. Engineered to maximize line performance and castability for all types of line - monofilament, braid and fluorocarbon - it conditions your line to improve casting distance, minimize line memory and twist, protect from UV light and water minerals, and also reduce backlashes.


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Ardent Reel Care 1-2-3 Pack

Ardent Reel Care 1-2-3 Pack

Ardent Reel Care 1-2-3 Pack

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