Roho Kamba 200M Spools

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Roho Kamba 100% Fluorocarbon

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Compositions100% Fluorocarbon
Line ProfileRound
Spool Length200M

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Roho Kamba 100% Fluorocarbon

Roho Kamba - Swahili for “Ghost String” ROHO KAMBA is made from 100% Fluorocarbon line. The clear “ghost like” composition of the line is virtually invisible to fish which makes it ideal for clearwater applications.

BWG’s Roho Kamba is soft, supple, and extremely castable and comes in a variety of LB ratings.



8LB / 3.63KG0.24MM / 0.009"
10LB / 4.53KG0.26MM / 0.010"
12LB / 5.44KG0.29MM / 0.011"
15LB / 6.80KG0.34MM / 0.013"
20LB / 9.07KG0.40MM / 0.015"
32lb / 14.05KG0.55mm / 0.021"



Good Stuff!

Awesome line this. After a tough day at Potch Dam I eventually hooked into a 1kg odd bad temepered greenie who went straight into the weeds. I had NO hassles wrestling the fish out on 12lb Roho Kamba. I have never had a line break on the knot with this stuff !!

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Just Makes Sense!

Highly recommended, BWG - Roho Kamba 100% Fluorocarbon. Affordable, very supple, takes a knot well and is super strong. Added bonus its sold in 200M spools....just makes sense!


    Robert J

    Switched to this line a few months ago and have now spooled all my rods with Blue Water Gears Roho Kamba. Small subtle difference is that these rolls are 200m and not 200yds which makes a big difference when using backing. I can easily fill 4 reels now. Soft, supple with great knot strength. Have not seen a single snap off since I changed to Roho Kamba


      Thank You!

      Hands down the best fluorocarbon I have used to date. Consider me sold and respooled :)


        Roho Kamba

        Checkout my review on the Blue Water Gear Roho Kamba Fluorocarbon here

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        Frank Schmidt

        I got a spool of this Fluorocarbon along with my custom Swimjig's from BWG. I use the 15lb for my BWG Swimjig's and must say. This is hands down the best line I have used to date.

        It casts like a dream, is extremely supple considering it was 15lb and is extremely strong stuff.

        I am now re-spooling all my rigs to BWG's Roho Kamba. Do yourself a favour and do the same, you won't be sorry!

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        Roho Kamba 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing Line 10LB / 4.53KG

        On a recent fishing trip I recieved a spool of the 10LB from a fellow Pro Staffer.
        Found this line great for casting on both cranking and Mojo setups. Handles like a dream, sensative, yet strong.

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        Roho Kamba 200M Spools

        Roho Kamba 200M Spools

        Roho Kamba 100% Fluorocarbon

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