Custom Lures Unlimited Danny Joe's Original Floating Worms

When I first saw the Original Floating Worm, I knew I just had to have it. Not because it was a known brand, heck I still don’t know who Danny Joe is. Also not because it was floating, see I prefer sinking lures, but because of those colors. I have never seen anything like it & was sure as hell, Bass in our waters neither. So I went with my instinct & ordered some.


My parcel arrived Saturday morning & I was off to a dam to test these beautiful lures out. Well to be honest, I didn’t really know how to rig them, so before my trip I did a bit of research on rigging methods for “floating baits” as my knowledge was limited. My research suggested you can fish them Texas rigged, Wacky style, Shakey Head, Dropshot, Carolina rigged or Weightless. I decided on two methods for the day. Weightless as this was after all a floating worm & Texas rigged, just to get a little closer to my comfort zone.

The worms themselves are about 15cm with a tapered flat tail. Fused in multi colors that will get the fishes mouths watering. They are unscented and have fair stretch in them. I really love all the colors but wish there was a black/gold/red fused color as well.

So as I got to a spot I know holds fish, I saw the tea-stained like color & decided on testing out the Delta Craw color Texas rigged on my 6’6 HM with 15lbs Floro with a 3/8 tungsten weight. I worked the area for a good 10minutes, just the way I work most of my plastics, twitch-twitch- pause. Then it happened, that distinct tap-tap. I didn’t hesitate & set the hook. My first floating worm bass, a healthy 650g. I carried on & landed another. I was happy that my spot produced, happy that Bass liked the new offering & happy that despite 2 vicious takes, my lure was still almost new condition.


See, they were imported at a time when local currency was unfavorable & that was almost the sole reason why I didn’t invest. So when the colors was still as bright and the lure still almost new-looking after a couple bass gulped it up, I knew it was worth every Rand spend. These lures, if anything are very, very durable and it will last a good couple fish.

As I moved along, I found muddier water & decided to test the Threadfin Shad color Weightless hooked on a 4`0, on 12lbs Floro with a 6`8 MH. It was a very unfamiliar technique for me & found it testing the first couple tries. I had to be extremely patient, waiting for it to fall at it owns pace, again just twitch-twitch-pause. But this time I did so with very slack line, jerking with my wrist sideways. I was trying to mimic a snake-like action underwater & I wasn’t disappointed with the result. First, I got smacked on a second twitch & it delivered me by biggest for the day – 1,27kg. Then again a little fattie of 710g. During the course of the morning I switched it up between the colors & methods. Just n warning - don`t hesitate to strike after you feel that first bump. They gulp it up & swallow it quickly!


Absolutely what was needed for a quick morning session, but as with all things good, I didn’t want the experience to end. So I savored the moment & I will be back to test my Bluegill, Texas Craw & Alabama Craw colors.



Big Ups to Brent from for bringing in this product. Broaden my horizons with some awesome colors & another technique added to the arsenal.