A Morning of firsts

Maji Kamba Review by Richard Wood

As an angler we all love to have "firsts", well I was recently lucky enough to have a morning full of firsts. My first fish landed on a new Rod, my first decent fish landed since I moved to the Western Cape , my first ever Galjoen, and my first experience with Blue Water Gear's Maji Kamba braided line.

I have used Blue Water Gear's bass products for sometime and have yet to find a product I am not happy with, it was only recently that I put some Maji Kamba on a new salt water rig that I had bought specifically for targeting Galjoen.

I have used various brands of braid before with various pros and cons, with fraying and weakening of the line having cost me more than my fair share of fish in amongst the rocky shore line of the West Coast. This was the first day I had managed to sneak some fishing time during my December leave, I headed to a spot I wanted to try out, and loaded with my new rig took a tiring walk along the beach to a hidden hole I had found during my PC research.

The first thing I noticed about Blue Water Gear's Maji Kamba was the smoothness and ease with which I was able to tie and tighten my knots, no snagging or fraying, with knots clinching up nice and tight. Next was the way the line cast, which took some getting used to as my light sinker and bait flew through the air with such ease as the line unspooled and made casts significantly further than I had previously been able to do with other brands of braid on a similar set up. As I was Targeting Galjoen I was trying to keep pin point casts near target areas, after a while I was able to get this under control and even after getting snagged on rocks a few times I was pleased to see that there was no sign of damage, fraying or wreaking of the line in anyway.

With Galjoen being as shy and sneaky as they are, you need to have your wits about you. Using Maji Kamba I was able to detect and distinguish the difference between every wave slap, kelp wrap, sinker roll and the very gentle shy take of the Galjoen.

It wasn't too long before one of my bites and strikes quickly turned into a fearsome tug of war. I could feel every tug, turn and pull. I finally landed my first ever, however small Galjoen. It didn't take long to land and for me to get a look at the shimmering dark grey body of a 30 cm good condition fish. A few photos and quick release saw the fish swim off strongly again.

But enough of my Galjoen, back to Maji Kamba. This is certainly a braid I would recommend and one I will be using on my other reels in the near future. Strong knots, smooth casting, good casting distance and great sensitivity make this line one that will be on all my reels soon. One last thing is the sound of the line, other braids I have used have always made a horrid rasping noise  on my rods eyes, but Maji Kamba hardly makes a sound.

I have used Maji Kamba during a number of sessions since the first time, and while the fishing was not very successful the line continues to hold up and give the same benefits that I experienced the first time I used it.

Maji Kamba.... More like Magic Kamba.