Theewaterskloof Western Cape Jnr Divisionals Final 2014

Reportback by Pieter Janse Van Rensburg (BWG Jnr Prostaff)

Our final divisionals for the season of 2014 was held at the incredibly intimidating Theewaterskloof dam. My boat partner for the day was Jason Fraser, and our game plan for the day was to just get bag and then progress from there. We were boat number one and we made our way to Eagle Island.

At Eagle Island we started pitching the trees with creature baits. It was not long and then other boats started pulling in. 20 minutes on and I got my first bite for the day, and after a short fight the fish breached shaking it’s sizeable head and throwing my lure. I knew it was a quality fish and that it would of made a difference in my total bag. We continued to fish Eagle Island for quite sometime and then Jason Fraser hooked into a solid 3,9kg. I knew that would be the kicker fish for the day.

After Jason landed his kicker we pulled off to our second spot which was some offshore timber. We were pitching at the visible trees and it wasn’t long until Jason picked up his 2nd fish for the day. This is where I started to stress out a bit… It was 9am and I still didn’t have anything to weigh-in as yet. There were 5 hours left for the day and I told myself I just need a fish every hour to get bag. So I collected my thoughts and moved to my confidence bait… A Mojo Rigged Fluke. On my first cast while retrieving slowly back to the boat I got a hit and the wrestling match started. I got my fish to the boat and breathed a sigh of relief as a hauled a 3,3kg into the boat. Now the monkey was off my back and I could settle into a groove. To top it off, it was a PB upgrade from 2,9kg to the new 3,3kg. I retied my Mojo Fluke and a few casts later I picked up my second fish of 2,8kg. Only 3 more to go.

Now later in the day and the bite started slowing down as we worked our way to the Sawmills. I managed to get another small keeper. Phew! 3 fish in 2 hours and I was feeling extremely relieved. Needing only two more fish now we moved off to our second last sport for the day, the Palmiet. As soon as we arrived I got stuck into two keepers on a Custom BWG SwimJig. We spent an hour in this spot slowly upgrading our bags and culling by mere grams. By now Jason Fraser already had bag and we knew that there were plenty of fish where we were, however the sizes we were looking for were not around, so we decided to make one last turn at Eagle Island before heading back to the weigh-in.

During our last hour for the day I pitched to the same tree where I lost the big fish earlier in the day. I deadsticked and hopped over the branches slowly and then BOOM!! I was on with an awesome fight. I fought this fish through all the timber and on a few occasions almost lost it to the timber, however after a lekker fight I managed to haul in a beauty of 3,5kg. Great way to upgrade from a 500g that was sitting in the live-well. On top of that this was a new PB and up 200g from my PB earlier on in the day. A few more last casts for the day and a quick upgrade to 1,6kg on another smaller fish that was in the live-well. I was the last to weigh-in my fish for the day and was chuffed to secure first place with a bag of 11,6kg. My boat partner Jason Fraser finished in second place and secured biggest fish of the day with his 3,9kg.

All in all it was a great day and a really enjoyable fishing session.