The ALX Zolo "Mitch"

by Roy De Wet

It’s not often you come across a rod that just totally blows you away. I know each seasoned angler has their favourite rods for their favourite applications but I started throwing spinnerbaits on the ALX Zolo Mitch and all I can say is BOOOOOOOM!!!

This rod punches far above its weight and is something really special, it loads up perfectly on every spinnerbait bite allowing enough give on the initial take and enough tip to get a good hookset, then it has plenty of backbone to bully the fish to the boat.

This rod played a huge part in me winning the previous BFSA Kick Boat season, and put me in the top 5 on several occasions. I have yet to drop a fish on this rod.


The ALX Zolo Mitch is a 6’6” and is a Medium plus action rod. It is recommended for Shakey Head, Jigs, T-Rig and Wacky Rig, but throwing a spinnerbait is when this rod comes into its own. Now some would ask, is 6’6” not a bit short for a spinnerbait rod, especially when fishing water with bigger fish where you need more leverage to get the fish out of the thick? I say no, because as mentioned before, this rod punches way above its weight.

As per ALX “It is a great all around rod with the perfect length for shooting lures under docks and hanging tree limbs. An exact tip allows accurate casts with soft landings.”  It is exactly for that reason why the Mitch gets more bites. The shorter length allows you to present your bait with the softest of entries into the tightest of spots that makes it so unique.

I fish the Mitch using Blue Water Gear's 30lb Maji Kamba Braid tied to a 15lb to 20lb Roho Kamba fluorocarbon leader. Depending on the water I am fishing, I make use of the FG knot to attach the leader to the braided line. Remember spinnerbaits are reaction baits so don’t worry too much about light leaders unless you fishing very clear water with smaller spinnerbaits on a tough bite.

If you are looking for a great rod for spinnerbaits then look no further, the ALX Zolo Mitch is the perfect rod for axactly that.

The Mitch gets my 100% stamp of approval!