Roho Kamba

by Mark Laurens

I had the pleasure of using this line for the first time during the 1st summer leg of the 4seasons series. My previous experiences with fluorocarbons where those made of nightmares. Considering all the Backlashes and overwinds I used to experience I had marked Fluorocarbons as “leader lines” and settled on my trusty braided lines to service my needs.

Now a few years on and I decided my fishing skills had improved and I was ready to explore the possibility of making use of a Fluorocarbon again. Blue Water Gear had just released it’s new range of Fluorocarbon called “Roho Kamba”, which means GHOST STRING in Swahili. So I thought what a better way to get back into fishing with Fluorocarbon than by supporting a company that supports bass fishing so much, so I opted to give the Roho Kamba a go.

Initially it took a bit of adjusting as I was so used to fishing with braided lines, however when I eventually got the reel settings right I was casting with crazy accuracy and with good distance too.

Then came the ultimate test… How would it handle with some fish on the end? Being a braid fanatic it took a few missed fish before I was setting the hook with damaging effects. Every fish was hooked properly in the mouth, and I was surprised by the forgiving stretch of the line as opposed to directness of braided lines. This made me feel like I was getting second chances, and I was able to feel the fish. I like to compare it to casting butter, just smooth and bouncy, with the added benefit of being invisible to fish. It didn’t coil up on me either, and it stayed supple even after being on the reel, which is why I like braided lines so much as I like to watch my lines for movement.

I already had a 1.3kg earlier on in the day, so I was really impressed with the performance of Roho Kamba. I was pretty much using the rig the entire day as it was just so much fun to use than the rest. Then I set the hook on something that gave the line a real test. She gave a good account of herself, but I was skeptical as I hadn’t retied since 10 fish back. But the line help up beautifully around the submerged grass and scattered rocks for me to land this beauty of a fish of 2.95kg’s. This is to date one of the biggest fish I have caught during a tournament, as well as the biggest caught on the day - Coincidence?

Anyways, I only retied once all day long and never even felt the line fray once. I simply retied because I thought after so many fish there had to be a weakened point somewhere. No snap-off’s all day, excellent knot strength, and just the perfect line I was looking for. This line has given me a new love for Fluorocarbon and a is now a new weapon in my arsenal. If you aren’t using Roho Kamba, then I consider you to be at a massive disadvantage.