Well guys I guess I have been on this site long enough, and know most of you well enough for me to share my latest secret.

I’m having an affair! And I’d like to introduce my latest love to you all.

I haven’t known her long but she is really appealing to the eye, and while not the “curviest” lady I’ve ever known, she’s nice and slim, has all the best bits in the right places, and to top it all puts a huge smile on my face. She’s nice and light, she weighs a fraction of what my current lady does.
Un-like my long suffering wife of 24 years, this girl loves fishing, likes nothing more than for me to hold her tight, and she can cast a lure a country mile. She just loves casting a 1/8thoz tungsten and a Xcite Baits Baby Ubershad, but is also very proficient casting a crank too.

And now to top it all, she’s carrying my baby.

So I guess it’s time I introduced you to her.

Guys, meet Rosa (a member of the ALX clan) and baby, the newest loves in my life …..pppssst just don’t tell my wife.





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