ALX Rods, this is not a name that everyone knows in the Bass fishing world. But that is sure to change.

We have all gone to tackle shops and looked at and felt all the rods they have to offer. I have done this for many hours. As a relatively new member to the Bass fishing scene I spent more hours than I care to admit looking for rods while I was trying to find my personal preference. After all the rods I looked at in shops and borrowed from fellow anglers, I still felt there was something amiss about all of these rods.

I am very particular about what I look for in a rod. I want a rod for all my plastics that is light, sensitive, has a fast action, plenty of fighting power but is still able to cast a finesse or weightless lure a mile. While I was “hunting” for the perfect rod, Brent Webber from BWG showed me the new ALX Zolo B.

Pieter Oosthuizen 1

I immediately experienced these rods to be crisp and extremely sensitive. They are light as a feather, but still feel like there is enough backbone to fight that 10Lb monster. I had to feel that rod in action.

I was fortunate enough to play with a Custom Dream Stik from Pro Staffer Shahid Ebrahim at Bass Lake early January. I was hooked. The casting distance on a weightless Fluke is fantastic. The accuracy of the MidMicro guides is really great, and the sensitivity is just incredible. I had to have one. I have never felt so in sync with a rod before. It exceeded all my expectations and more. 

I obtained my dream stick shortly afterwards and I have not been disappointed. Fishing is an absolute pleasure and I cannot put it down. I feel every bump. I can place the lure wherever I want even at a distance. It fights a fish like a dream and doesn’t feel like there is extra pressure on my line or that I will lose a fish. The harder EVA Grip is really great. It looks appealing and does not deprive any sensitivity.

Pieter Oosthuizen 2

I paired it with a Sensation Lubina Reel and this complete setup with line, a Baby Ubershad, rod and reel only weighs 317grams.  

Whenever I show this setup to fellow anglers I always get the same response. The sensitivity is incredible. It’s so light. There is no effort to cast and where can we buy one.  Then I have to take it away from them very quickly as nobody seems to want to give it back.

My next ALX will be the Deputy and I will be sure to give a review when I have it.