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I saw the post on the ALX rods and thought Id just share my experience as well. I am not a prostaffer, and not affiliated with anybody anywhere and have bought the ALX rods I do own, so see this as a rather unbiased little write up.

As you all know, I got to my hands on one of the speed furies which Brent gave me to try out, I liked it and bought it in the end. Was still not 100% what I wanted for the light setup, so I decided to take the plunge and order me a custom thing. I thought what the hell, might as well try.

So, I took the speed fury blank, let them shorten it just a bit, fit micro guides and make the grips smaller and gooi in a split reel seat. I said I want it LIGHT. I went also with black and orange colours. I expected it a lot more expensive.

So it didn't take to long and the rod was here, and boy did I smaak it. I must say, I expected a couple of differences from what I ordered, but was not the case, they listened and put it together nicely so that it works! It was as light as a feather, I think 3.3oz / 93 grams was the mark it hit. Really really lekker.

Pic 1

Pic 2

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Pic 4

It had to get it water tested. I got it out at the Nandoni classic. On the deck the first morning I stepped on a eye and broke it clean off. I was comprehensively de blixem in for myself, before I even got a fish on.

Was topping over how to get this fixed properly, when I eventually phoned Brent. He said no prob, with the customs they send with some extra eyes and the colour thread that they used, and they got a certified oke in PTA to do the repair. Needless to say, I can't remember which eye I stepped on and can't see either. A cool service I might add. Brent went out of his way to get this done for me.

So after all that I got the rod going again and haven't looked back. I use it on a 10lb rig and this thing paired up with tatsu is the devil when it comes to sensitivity. Its mal, I love it. I can also not get tired of throwing this thing. Paired with a Smoke it is a lekka combo, one which Ill fish for a long time. In the end I got exactly what I wanted.

Pic 5

Pic 6

So, when deciding on a new rod, give these guys a try. I am not saying buy a rod, but Brent is one of the very few guys I know that puts his money where his mouth is and actually gives you a rod to fish with to just try. I haven't looked at their full range, but I am sure anything you need is in there, if not, you can go the custom root with ease I feel.