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The review on this rod is my personal opinion and has to do with stuff I like and setups I want.
Shahid Ebrahim (Bassaholic) from BWG drove through to Klerksdorp for some business and was kind enough to bring along a 7'5" ALX Zolo B M Speed fury. I liked it from the get go. The rod was light, really light, yet had so much weight to burn. The tip was soft but fast, it really did fit perfectly in to the slot which was open on my side. You could feel someone did put some thinking into this blank for a very specific application.
August rod rigged 1

I had the priviledge to fish this one a while longer. I paired it up with the smoke and 10lb Tatsu. From the get go it clicked for me. I did need to get a bit used to the longer rod, but in the end was not a problem. I fished it with light texas a rigged flukes and Baby UberShads, (also something shahid recommended).


There are three things that really impressed me about the rod:
  • It was light. Yet it had a non split real seat, bulky EVA grips, it was 7'5" and had midi eyes
  • It was sensitive like crazy. Really really nice
  • They way it loads and releases when setting the hook and fighting a fish was near perfect!!

I hooked some pretty nice fish for a light setup, including a 1.5kg fish in the divisionals and this rod handle them like a piece of cake.

August Catch1

I had the rod for the whole of pre-fishing for the vaal as well as the Vaal divisionals. It accounted for 17 of my 18 keepers caught during the comp. I just could not put the thing down.

Would I recommend this, Yup, without a doubt. It gave me better performance than the smoke rod ever did (which I loved) and yet does not feel like a rod I am gonna break in 3 fishing trips. Is roughly the same weigh but way more sensitive.

Now here is the fun part which I like most. Shahid showed me that the ALX guys like to make custom rods, which opened up a whole new world of options. I was in love with the blank and thus proceeded to order one.


I asked for the same blank, with the following changes:

  • It must just be reduced to 7'2" – It makes pitching easier and saves some weight (although I am sure the longer length helps the hook sets, which was much improved on the ALX).
  • Micro guides instead of midi guides
  • Split real seat
  • Reduced size of EVA grips
  • Oh, and the hook rest to be moved behind the reel

With these changes the weight will get lighter and the fit in my hand even better, I could be onto a 10lb monster and can't wait!!

Still out of the box a awesome rod, One which in the last 5 weeks had 90% of the fishing done with it. Its lekker and worth a bash 100%