Thanks for the spool of Maji Kamba braid. I had tried it frogging but was a bit skeptical for it's use in saltwater, as I couldn't find any reviews or feedback of people having used it in saltwater applications.

Nonetheless, I spooled the 20lb spool (all of it) on my shimano sustain 5000 which is paired with a shimano aerocast. My plan was to throw bigger bucktails up to 2 ounces as well as dropshots up to 2 ounces and spoons up to 3 ounces to the backline to get to the bigger kings that were patrolling the reef. 

I tied a 40lb flouro leader joined using a uni to figure 8 joint - 8 wraps on the braid and a 3 turn figure 8. I was impressed by the knot strength and also the ease of handling. The braid bites nicely and I experienced 2 breaks at the knot but i suspect those knots were tied in haste so probably my fault not the braid.

Maji Kamba braid casts really nicely and I had no wind knot issues and was consistently hitting the 100-110m mark. I landed countless fish during the week and the line performed flawlessly. I also got spooled once when a big kingfish hit me and took off. I couldn't stop the fish and before I knew it, it had stripped 150m of line. I could feel the fish swimming over the reef and while I tried to loosen the drag to ease the pressure on the line the reef cut me off.

I was obviously disappointed and wondered whether my usual braid would have held up better. I can't fault Maji Kamba but would like to do an abrasion resistance comparison to be sure.

However, at the price, I will definitely be stocking up... Next test tigers of the lower Zambezi.....

Below are some images captured of our trip